Can Holistic Medicine Help My High Blood Pressure?

Nutrition And EnzymesControlling Blood Pressure Without Perscriptions

High blood pressure affects up to 30 % of the adult population of the United States. Often brought on by diet and lifestyle changes such as increased weight and a lack of exercise. It can also vary base on time of day, sex of the patient and emotional stress.

Normal is considered to be 120 / 80, although can differ as some individuals run a little high and some a little low.  Since there are eleven organs responsible for maintaining blood pressure in the body, the medical community is often at a loss in determine a cause of high blood pressure.  These patients are referred to as primary hypertensive or idiopathic.

The different systems in the body act as a symphony and the organs have to be in synch with one another in order for homeostasis to be maintained.

Due to subtleness of the relationships, narrowing down the problem can often be difficult and does also fit the category of a pathology. When there is a specific cause involved such as kidney damage from ibuprofen use, then these patients are considered to be secondary hypertensive.

Holistic Approach
The medical approach to high blood pressure is to provide drugs to lower it. However, these drugs can often produce a variety of symptoms such as confusion, dizziness, tiredness and erectile dysfunction.

More importantly they never really answer the question as to why blood pressure is elevated in the first place.

By contrast, in the context of holistic medicine, high blood pressure is often not seen as a disease but as a symptom of some other activity such as obesity or smoking which needs to be addressed.

High blood pressure is often a result of some compensatory mechanism in the body which affects the physiology. Many patients have found simply by drinking more water or lowering their salt intake can lower their blood pressure to acceptable levels.

The approach of holistic medicine is to help to restore balance to the body through such methods as chiropractic and acupuncture. Both schools of healing are inputs into the nervous system.

Their philosophical approach also teaches the patient the importance of proper foods, water intake and the removal of toxins from the body. These are drug-free approaches which help in reducing stress in the body.

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