Can Oriental Medicine Help My Digestive Health ?

shutterstock_522743404Oriental medicine and acupuncture first developed from cultural concepts of ancient China. Unlike western medicine, which is more geared to cause and effect, oriental medicine is more holistic in nature. It’s referenced to events in the environment. The diagnosing and treatment process has a different paradigm with different terminology. It may sound strange at first, but the body is still the body.

Once a practitioner understands the cross over to western medicine, there is nothing new under the sun. It is not to say that oriental medicine is not scientific, it just has different axioms that make up the science.

In the case of issues of digestive health, the western approach is limited with most chronic conditions. Protein pump inhibitors for gastric reflux have only limited value. They also promote bacteria growths and biofilms in the stomach. This can complicate the condition further It can also contribute to bone loss over a period of time.

Over the counter

Did you know the number one sales items in most drug stores are over the counter laxatives? These are often ineffective over time as the cause of the problem is rarely addressed. Still, people continue to buy and use them when treating their health problems.

There is also little available for western patients to manage IBS or inflammatory bowel disease. In most cases, antibiotics or steroids are the chosen course of action. While providing some symptomatic relief, they fix nothing in the long term.

Oriental medicine and acupuncture takes a more comprehensive approach. It focuses bringing stability to the body’s systems. Acupuncture can actually govern the stomach, intestines and immune system. This helps with the abortion of food and strengthens the body’s ability to deal with functional disturbance. This results in a bigger defense against inflammatory bowel conditions.

Acupuncture uses needles placed into the body at specific locations along the energy pathways aka the medians. This helps increase blood flow to the targeted area and relieve muscles cramping that’s associated with the body’s visceral reflexes.

Oriental medicine is known to heal ulcers, reduce abdominal distention and help to regulate bowel function. When combined with the use of herbs and enzymes, it’s been shown to be an effective alternative to pharmacological remedies.

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