How Chinese Herbs and Holistic Medicine Can Help The Adrenals

chinese herbs

Are you feeling tired and rundown? Did you know, it might be your overworked adrenal glands that are the problem? Holistic medicine and Chinese herbs just might be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Adrenal exhaustion has become a buzz word in alternative medicine over the last few years, but exactly what it is, is till in question. The adrenals are two small chick pea sized glands which sit individually on top of each kidney. They play an important part in how the body handles stress and are best known in the body’s role in the “fight or flight” response.

Perhaps more than any other organ they drive the body’s energy mechanic. When they become stressed or overworked their function becomes compromised as any other organ in the body. Essentially, they become subject to burnout. Your body needs rest and repair and the adrenals need to have adequate amounts of protein.

Coffee Is Not Included In Chinese Herbs

By contrast, coffee’s energy buzz is usually only short lived and can even aggravate the problem further. It’s like whipping a tired horse as coffee can take an added toll on the adrenals. Coffee doesn’t give you energy but lends you energy at high interest rates. So, given the demands of everyday life, it’s not unusual for your adrenals to wear out and become exhausted over time.

The adrenals are more important medically than you would think too. They respond to adjustments that the body has to make in response to emotional states in both your professional and private life. Adrenals help to regulate blood pressure. They also produce a number of hormones your body can’t live without including sex hormones and cortisol. Additionally, they play an important role in blood sugar and salt and water balance. Although Addison’s disease is rare, it’s the eventual end of the road for the overwork and undernourished.

So what to do to keep the adrenals healthy is the question? In Acupuncture, Chiropractic and herbology, there are all protocols to treat the overwork adrenals.

Licorice root, Vitamin C and Ginseng are all easily obtainable and can help put you back on the road to recovery. In Acupuncture, your practitioner might treat a combination of the kidney, liver and spleen meridian. In chiropractic, adjustments in the mid to lower back have also been useful in restoring normal adrenal function.

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