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Proper Eating & Gluten Intolerance

Proper Eating & Gluten Intolerance In order for an individual to get by with less pharmacological medications and fewer trips to the doctor, they should start with a lifestyle of organic foods and a diet which is geared specifically for them.  Consequently, diet, digestion, and detoxification take on major importance as it’s not an issue of what

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Holistic Treatment for Allergies

Holistic Treatment for Allergies offers an extensive array of options for patients whether the cause is food related or an environmental sensitivity. Too often allergies are the hidden reason behind a chronic illness. However, they are often overlooked as a practitioner does not always know what to look for in their assessment.  In the case of food sensitivities whenever the body exhibits

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Can Holistic Medicine in Rochester NY Help Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Using Chinese Herbs?

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is a variation of an autoimmune disease that can eventually lead to hypothyroidism.  Holistic medicine in Rochester NY utilizing Chinese herbs offers an alternative to traditional medicine.  Most commonly it is seen in middle age women. It often comes on as a result of other endocrine disorders such as diabetes mellitus and Addisons’s disease. Since

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Treating Crohn’s Disease With Chinese Herbs & holistic medicine

Anyone who has struggled with Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis has probably had their fair share of frustration with western medicine. The treatment choices are usually limited to steroidal medications and dietary modifications. If this prove ineffective then the individual at some point may be looking at a surgical intervention for a bowel resection. However, there’s is nothing in this process

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